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Resources for Health Care Workers

More than 14 million people are infected with the human papillomavirus (HPV) each year. In most cases, the virus will run its course and then go away on its own. When that doesn't happen, the virus can cause several types of cancer. The most effective way to prevent HPV related cancer is to receive the vaccination when it's at its most effective, early. Health care workers play an important role in protecting their patients from cancers caused by HPV. In the early years of a patients development, health care workers can encourage patients and their parents to stay up-to-date with all of their vaccination, including the HPV vaccination for cancer prevention. The HPV vaccination is the best way to protect a patient's long-term health against.

Resources for Parents

Parents are the first line of defense against their child getting cancer later on. However, for some parents, misconceptions about the reasons for the HPV vaccination keep them from letting their child receive the vaccine. The fact is that HPV can be acquired by anyone and the vaccination is cancer prevention, no matter what circumstances lead to exposure. Here are some quick facts for unsure parents:
  • 80% of people will get an HPV infection in their lifetime
  • Infections have dropped by 71% since the vaccine was introduced
  • Preventing is easier than treating cancer
  • The HPV vaccination is safe and effective

The HPV Epidemic

The Missouri Cancer Consortium, in partnership with the Missouri Department of Health and Senior Services Immunization Program, is sponsoring a limited number of free online viewings of Someone You Love - The HPV Epidemic for Missouri health providers and Missouri residents. Click here to watch the trailer.
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