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About Us

Our Mission.

The purpose of the Consortium is to reduce the human and economic burden of cancer on Missourians through the promotion of collaborative, innovative, and effective programs and policies

Key Messages

  • The MCC provides information on cancer prevention, early detection, rehabilitation, and palliation of cancer to reduce the incidence, morbidity, and mortality of cancer in Missouri.

  • The MCC works to reduce the human and economic burden of cancer on Missourians through promotion of collaborative, innovative, and effective program and policies.

  • The MCC partners share their expertise, resources, and experiences committed to planning, implementation, evaluation and better addressing comprehensive cancer in Missouri.

  • Becoming a member of the MCC increases awareness of the scope of the problem that is cancer in Missouri and what is being done to address it.

What We Do

Utilize cancer control data and best practices to identify and prioritize statewide needs for cancer prevention and control, identify evidence-based interventions, and resources to meet those needs.

Provide a neutral forum for cancer control partners to network, coordinate and collaborate.

Communicate identified needs, interventions and resources across groups and regions acting as a neutral clearinghouse of information.

Increase efficiency and reduce duplication of effort by coordinating activities with major partners in cancer prevention and control.

Maintain and update The Burden of Cancer in Missouri Plan priority goals, objectives and strategies to address cancer prevention and control gaps.

Conduct systematic evaluation of the cancer control prioritization and implementation process.

Support efforts to reduce the burden of cancer inequities faced by underserved populations.

Participate in influencing policy development and educating policy makers. Ultimately, MCC members do more together than they ever could by working on their own

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